Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Favorite Things

I just heard "My Favorite Things" on my Pandora station, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to blog about my favorite things for quite some time. If nothing else, to give me a reference list when someone asks me for gift ideas. :) There aren't too many things I actually NEED, but rest assured you will (hopefully) never find me without my favorite things. Some of these are beauty products, some are random household items and some are little luxuries.

1) purity made simple cleanser This is by far the best thing for my skin I've ever used. It cleans without drying, and actually removes my eye makeup.

2) Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Gloss, Vita Plum.
I've used this lip gloss for years. The color used to be called "Dreamy", but they changed it a few years ago to Vita Plum. It's still the same color, and the perfect lip gloss to just add a little bit of color/shine. (And it's pretty cheap!)

3) Scunci No-Slip Grip The Evolution Hair Ties
Disclaimer, these are NOT ouchless... they will likely break your hair. But you know what they will NOT do? They will NOT fall out of your hair while you're exercising. They will NOT fall out of your hair when you swim. They will NOT fall out of your hair while sleeping. So for me, they're a winner.

4) The Comforter bubble bar from Lush. This is one of my little luxuries. This is the absolute best bubble bath I have ever experienced. Perfect, fluffy, lightly scented bubbles that do not leave a sticky film on my skin that leave me wanting a shower. If you haven't tried the bubble bars, try them immediately. The bath bombs are pretty amazing, too. But the bubble bar has totally ruined me on bubble baths. I will never buy another bottle of liquid bubbles again.

5) Excedrin Migraine. This is truly a miracle-worker. It makes my head stop hurting when nothing else can.

6) Blue Bell Birthday Cake Ice Cream. You can't always find this in stores, but when I do, I experience the excitement I felt as a kid when I heard the music for the Icee Man. It's the perfect combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate icing and sprinkles. YUM.

7) Jergens Original Scent Cherry-Almond Moisturizer. I don't know what it is I love about this lotion the most. I do love the smell--- it's nostalgic for me. And I love the texture of the lotion.

8) Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo/Conditioner. I love the smell and the tingle of this shampoo. And it's been really great to my hair. I buy the jumbo bottles when they have them on sale at Ulta, and I only buy shampoo a couple times per year, so it's worth the money.

9) Vinegar. I use this for everything. I use it on bee stings/bug bites, as a cleaner, in my shampoo. There's a great website with lots of vinegar tips on it that I absolutely love. Go there. I always buy this at Sam's Club. It's the best deal I've found on the big gallons.

10) I do a huge majority of my shopping on Amazon. We're a Prime subscriber, so we also get free movies and books on our Kindle sometimes. Free two-day shipping? Win. Excellent customer service? Win. Cheaper prices on almost everything? Win. One-stop shopping, without leaving the house? Win.

11) Gain Original Scent or Apple Mango Tango. I recently bought Tide because I had a coupon, and I just ran out. I went back to the Gain I generally buy, and my clothes smell SO good. And the house smells SO good. There's just something about the way the scent of Gain stays on my clothes. And it's great at removing the stains, too.

12) Some of my favorite things can't be purchased, and they are indeed the most treasured. Good times with my family and friends are high on my list. I wouldn't trade anything for the time spent with those I love, and I hope that I never take those things for granted, though I know I do at times. Here's a short list of some of the "things" I have collected from these memories that I will always treasure. (Though there's no way I can list all of them.)

a) My "evil blanket." Those of you who have been to my house know what this is. It's my fuzzy pink and teal blanket, circa 1980s that has traveled with me to ball games in high school, all through college, and now rests in my living room. It was given to me by Dot--- my great aunt, and is still one of my favorite possessions. It's called the "evil blanket" because it's almost impossible to sit under this blanket for more than 15 minutes without becoming a pile of uselessness, and sinking into a sleeping coma for the rest of the day.

b) The "strum stick" that my grandpa made. It's not really a strum stick, but he made it the same size and shape as one. (For those who are curious, this is a strum stick.) He got a strum stick as a gift, after wanting one, and then decided it didn't play enough like a guitar for him. So, he made one... with 5 strings, and all of the different notes. Basically, he put a guitar handle, frets and strings on the frame of a strum stick (which he made.) The guitar strap is a drawstring taken from a pair of his pajama pants. This is truly one of my most prized possessions, because I remember his excitement when he first made it. It's special because it was his, and that's enough for me.

c) The old Army photo of my dad. He looks so young and handsome, and it's always been one of my favorites.

d) All of my old photos. I have a lot of photos--- some from when I was a kid, actually quite a few. My grandma always seemed to have a camera in her hand when we were kids, so we have tons of photos to capture all of our awkwardness, but also the memories-- things we may have forgotten about if it weren't for the photos. She doesn't take as many pictures now as she did then, but she's always armed with her camera, still. She unfortunately has record of every bad haircut I've ever had.
I took a lot of photos in college, and have a scrapbook to remember all of our fun times. It's definitely not a "Creative Memories" scrapbook-- I didn't have the money for all of that stuff when I made it, but it's perfect, because it captured so many memories that have shaped the person I am today. I was so fortunate to be surrounded by my best friends in college, and we had a lot of fun growing up together. I'm so thankful for the years I got to spend so much time with them!

e) The little pink bible given to me by my grandparents. It has red stains on the cover from the time I was obsessed with stamp pads and ink, and it must have gotten touched with the red ink I used to create my library back in the day... but I love that bible, just because it's from them. It's one of the tiny new testaments that the print is so small you need a magnifying glass to read it, but I will always hang on to that one.

f) Ugly mosaic tile thing that Daniel and I made on a date when we were dating. This thing is so ugly and ridiculous--- it's a heart with wings with a random mosaic tile design on it. We didn't have much to choose from, and we didn't have a theme, so we just put random tiles on it. It has our initials on it, and it's special because it was one of the first things we made together. I'll never think it's beautiful, but it will always remind me of one of our earlier dates, and the time that we spent making it. If I had it to do over, I'd definitely make it look better, so we could have a pretty memory, but I definitely don't want to throw it away.

What are some of your favorite things? What are your favorite memories/keepsakes?